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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Essential Insurance Group is one of the leading insurance agencies for covering tow trucks in Texas. If you own a business that utilizes vehicles for transporting people or products, you need commercial vehicle insurance - simple enough! But what you should understand before buying auto insurance is whether you are getting a comprehensive policy or one that is incomplete.

Here are some guidelines to remember when securing your commercial vehicle insurance quote

  • Ideally the legal owner of the vehicle should be the principal insured. 
  • You can protect a fleet by adding overnight premises exposure coverage. This can be added on to existing property insurance. 
  • Take references from local business firms on the credibility of the business auto insurance provider.   

Commercial Vehicle Insurance provides comprehensive protection for bodily injury and property damage caused by company-owned vehicles and non-owned vehicles used for the business. Coverage can include automobile liability, uninsured motorist's coverage, personal injury protection and physical damage.

To protect your business you must make sure you are carrying the right amount of protection.

Not all insurance companies will disclose the hidden components.

For a better overview of our umbrella policy, call us or fill out a no-obligation Quote Form.

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